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Welcome to the office of the equal opportunities representative

responsible for staff

Duties and functions

  • advisor to the university management concerning measures to improve equality
  • dual career office
  • committee work
  • initiatives for a familiy friendly work environment
  • networking
  • counseling for parents
  • monitoring of recruitment procedures


Further departments concerned with equality matters


Gender and Diversity


This department is part of the vice president's office and assists the management in the development of strategies to further equality for people of diverse backgrounds.


Equal opportunities representative for faculty


Counseling for faculty and students



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Beauftragte für Chancengleichheit

Katharina Klaas

Werthmannstraße 8, Rückgebäude, Erdgeschoss
79098 Freiburg
Tel: 0761 203-4411
Fax: 0761 203-4413


Sprechzeiten nach Vereinbarung



Eva Meier
Tel: 0761 203 3749


Back Office

Nicole Bollin
Tel: 0761 203 54229


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