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Participation in personnel decisions


The Staff Equal Opportunity Representative has the right to participate in all hiring and promotion processes, including the grouping into a higher salary group, regardless of the salary group or the percentage of women in the respective status group. Due to the large number of hires, the Equal Opportunity Representative or her deputy participate in the selection process at their own discretion. Areas of focus include work at management level, positions in the fields of IT and technology, as well as trainee positions. As the proportion of women is to be significantly increased in these areas, at least as many women as men are to be invited for interviews, provided they meet the requirements for the position.

Since most vacancies are advertised on the job board, the Equal Opportunity Representative or her deputy contact the institution advertising the position, directly. If a position is not publicly advertised, it is imperative that the Equal Opportunity Office be informed.

Involvement is also required for other measures that have an impact on the professional situation of women.


Further tasks and functions:

  • Advising employees on: Equal opportunity issues, career planning, returning to work after parental leave or family care leave, part-time employment, leadership on a part-time basis.
  • Advising the university management on equal opportunity measures.
  • In regular informal contact with colleagues: picking up on wishes and needs and proposing measures as needed.
  • Working groups/projects:
    •         2 working groups in the field of personnel development
    •         Project Home Office and Virtual Cooperation (Connected Services)
    •         Working group Family-friendly University
    •         Working group Further and Continuing Education
    •         Working group Sustainability

     Goal: Targeted promotion of equal opportunities

  • Member of the Inclusion Team: Consideration of the interests of women with disabilities
  • Participation in senate committees: Senate Commission on Equal Opportunity
  • Participation in networks: Gender Network Freiburg, Freiburg Network of Equal Opportunity Representatives/Officers, Network of Equal Opportunity Representatives/Officers at universities in Baden-Württemberg, Gender Circle.


Main topics:

  • Reconciliation of family & career: Supporting parents in leadership positions and support in caring for relatives.
  • Reduction of discrimination: Diversity-sensitive support of women (consideration of the discrimination characteristics of the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG): age, ethnic origin, religion / ideology, sexual orientation and identity, physical and mental resilience and social origin).
  • Equal opportunities: Supporting employees, taking into account gender-specific perspectives and needs, the occupational groups in the fields of administration or technology, and the above-mentioned characteristics of the AGG.